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mom hen

September 6, 2006

When you’re involved in someone else’s life, it’s easy to get attached. When you’re ministering, and regularly sowing into someone else’s life, it’s almost impossible not to. There’s something about a worship team that feels so much like family it’s amazing.

We had practice yesterday evening with our Switch (youth) worship team. Not long into it, I looked up toward the back of the room and Tami – our Sunday morning worship nazi … I mean leader – was watching with her head and pregnant belly in the slightly open door. (During the first song, so my voice wasn’t warmed up and I probably sounded awful.) Tami’s cute anyway, but she’s especially cute in that she has this mother-hen thing about the worship team. It’s not surprising, given all the time and energy and prayer and faith that she spends on each of us.

Last night at shortly after 11pm, one of my little worship team chicks (as in baby chicken) called with what could have been an emergency. He was trying really hard, and doing really well, at holding himself together, but was clearly upset. We prayed together on the phone, and Timothy and I prayed again after we hung up … then I prayed in tongues until I fell asleep. I was confident the situation would be fine – because all things work together for good to those who love God (Romans 8:28) – but I wanted my worshipper to know that, to be comforted, to trust our Lord and to sleep well.

“…that their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love…” Colossians 2:2a

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