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the false prophet?

September 5, 2006

Check this out. Newsweek actually ran an article on the false prophet who will rise up to prepare the world to recieve the anitchrist when he comes. Read the article, seriously, it’s creepy.

The article starts describing the spirit behind this man, and how it has tried to manifest in various people over the years. “He is the Man who promises Arabs honor instead of shame, victory instead of defeat, empowerment instead of subjugation.” The author outlines almost prophetically the mentality that will one day allow for his overwhelming influence, and how this new guy – Hassan Nasrallah – might finally fulfill the role that so many have been defeated in before.

“The fervent support that Hizbullah enjoys will grow with a ceasefire and diplomatic settlement that sees Israel leave occupied Lebanese lands. Almost overnight, Nasrallah will have produced what three generations of ordinary Arabs have yearned for: military effectiveness instead of haplessness; political empowerment instead of marginalization; resistance instead of forced submission to Israeli-American threats.”

Interesting. The thing that gets me, though, is the list of people who have risen up under this same spirit and failed over the past 50 years. This should encourage the church in corporate prayer. We know that the key points of these last days are clearly outlined in Biblical prophecy, but we need to remember all the details that are not and pray to their ends. I’m convinced that the only reason Gamal Abdel Nasser or Ayatollah Khomeini didn’t come to embody the fulness of the spirit of the false prophet – the only reason the antichrist is not, now, at the height of his rage – is because of the prayers of the saints and the warfare the church has waged for decades. Be encouraged – your prayers are heard, your prayers move heaven, your prayers are needed.

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