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What’s this … time?

August 31, 2006

My schedule for work got moved today – for reasons too inconsequential to explain – so I’m working from noon to 9pm. That meant I had all morning to myself (and the Lord), and man, if I were a permanent housewife I would be dangerous. I made and cut 30 copies of my zine, dropped off a check in the next town, established two Roth IRAs, did a little grocery shopping, cleaned the kitchen, and baked a cake. That’s right: a cake – a layered cake to boot.

I think I’m missing a prayer meeting with my friends right now, though, which is fine. Really, I’m okay with it. Totally okay … the toddler in me wants to say it wouldn’t matter because it’s not like He’s currently meeting me in my prayer time, but I ground the toddler to inner monologue becuase it’s okay – I’m pushing through.

So there’s no great revelation to share today, but if you want to come over for chocolate cake you’re welcome.

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