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Pro-Israel Christians?

August 17, 2006

I only had a few minutes (b/c how long could it possibly take to make a tall chai latte?) to let my eyes dart over the headlines on three choice newspapers stacked beside the counter. Two above-the-fold articles promised scandalous news about a rash group of Messianic Jews with influence in the media pumping out pro-Israel commercials that appear to be targeting Christians. Before I make the obvious comments, can I make this one: it’s pitiful that anyone needs to produce any kind of pro-Israel propaganda targeting Christians; Christians should understand covenant and, thus, already be gung-ho pro-Israel.

That said, the tone of both of these articles (at least the first three paragraphs of each b/c those baristas are quick) was one of shocked disdain that someone would produce any kind of pro-Israel propaganda, and especially that they would aim to brainwash the poor, innocent Christians into thinking God has some special plan for the horrible (sic) little nation … by using scripture verses that speak to that end. How … terribly – um – manipulative?

A lot of people are going to be really surprised when this all goes down.

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