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July 30, 2006

I’m leaving for two weeks – I’ve been busy.

On a side note, before I get back to our main theme, here, I had an amazing time with my little brother on Friday. We went out to lunch so I could hang out before I left and it was just wonderful. I won’t go into all the glorious details, but I just know that he knows there’s more out there for him. He’s too smart to really believe pot and tattoos is his portion forever. If you can, please keep him in your prayers.

The team spent ten hours together yesterday preparing. Most of the time was learning dramas, which are amazing. The main one we’ll be doing is called Freedom and if you’ve ever seen it you know it’s amazing. Just watching the DVD before we blocked it out was powerful – it hit so close to home I got choked up. It’s about a girl who goes through everything trying to find the thing that will make her happy for real; over and over again she turns away from Christ to try the things of the world and every time they hurt her. I admit I was a little jealous to play the role of that girl, but I know if I obey my leadership I’m in His will and I’m becoming convinced I have at least a decent grasp on the malice controling a demon (that’s my role – I’m a greed demon) because they manipulated me for so long. (Forgive the run-on sentence.) It’s going to be interesting.

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