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Busy, Busy

July 3, 2006

There’s so much going on it’s crazy.

The Jr. High kids left for Mexico Saturday morning. Most of them called home Sunday and all of their parents told me about it at the church picnic that afternoon. Everyone’s well. They were still in Texas, waiting to jump the border and save souls.

We’ve had about a half dozen kids/teenagers in the past two weeks dropping everything and looking for Christ (again, in some cases). Every day I hear of a kid who left youth group and had been doing drugs who decided it was all garbage and he’s coming back. Or a guy who’s never been to church before putting down the alcohol because he can’t pull himself away from his new Bible. It’s phenomenal – Jesus is on the move.

I think personally I’m at a point where I may have to take a step back from something – although I don’t know what. It seems I’ve cut out all the simpler things and I’m still just tired all the time. Being a full time employee, a full time wife, doing a full time ministry, and trying desperately to pursue a real relationship with the Son of God is exhausting. Or maybe I haven’t figured out how to effectively budget my time – although goodness knows I’m trying.

So that’s a brief update. I hadn’t posted in a while because things at work have been so busy that even my lunch breaks are consumed, so I wanted to throw up something for the out-of-towners who may been reading.

Love you all.

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