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One Thing

June 19, 2006

Timothy and I took most of the worship team guys to the One Thing regional conference in Homewood on Saturday.

We drove three days past Roselle Road and arrived in Homewood almost an hour off schedule. We got probably 15 minutes of the worship set, though, which was amazing still because when the Holy Spirit is undeniably manifest in a place it’s so simple to shut up your flesh and engage your heart before the Lord. I need to discipline myself to live in that place.

I think at first they were a little frustrated with me because I wanted the five of us to stay together all day, to sit across the room from some of their friends who were there, etc. By the second worship set, though, they had tapped into the freedom of His presence, and by the third they dropped their stuff on the seats and took off for the open areas where they could jump around and scream their hearts out before Him.

We’d prayed before going in to find seats before every service. Timothy or I prayed and they guys agreed or prayed in the Spirit. Before the last service, though, they took up the prayer in a powerful way. I was so proud of them, in a mother-hen kind of way and if that sounds silly so be it.

Sunday morning they carried the fire back with them. It was a small gathering at Church in the Word, but they were front and center singing, jumping, kneeling – worshiping Jesus with a new abandonment.

My prayer now is that we can help them (and ourselves!) sustain this passion and excitement. That we would consider this zeal and this kind of encounter the norm and press on for more! Lord, by Your grace starve out the cry in us for all of You that would take the kingdom of heaven by force – no matter who is looking on – with a battle cry of, “We will not be denied!”

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