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Real Men Love Jesus

June 2, 2006

Timothy is blessed to work in an environment in which he is able to listen to worship CDs and sermons and pray. Today especially, he’s the only one in his office. He just sent me the following E-mail:

I miss you. I’m rocking Cory Russel’s Ancient Paths (CD available through the One Thing bookstore) I’m really falling in love with Him, Lex. It’s scary and beautiful – I’m letting go and there is no returning from here. My heart feels it will never be able to bear it. The one thing I’ve always longed for is the one thing my heart is dying to run from. It’s fear is that it will become completely powerless to this Love. Oh, what a wretched Liar my heart is, professing to know and understand love and desire without ever knowing or being willing to go to the source and remain immersed. It screams!!! “You won’t be able to breath!!! You’ll die there!!! The current is too strong, and you can’t touch bottom in this place. No one can hold their breath for that long!”

Then He just whispers to my spirit, “I breath for you here; I am the Breath of life. Your insecure heart only has ideas, and those ideas lead to idol worship where you truly die. I AM. Don’t settle any more – break free and run, Run, RUN!!! In My river you don’t swim; you don’t keep your head above water. I AM the River of Living water; I AM the River of Life. You don’t need to breath when you dwell in Life itself. It will sustain you beyond mortal ideology. Your entire understanding of what it takes to be alive has come from dead things. You’ve mistaken concepts of time and measure as Life. To understand Me those things must be put to death in you. You can’t beat them into submission and keep an eye on them. You have to kill them. I Breath for you here, because I AM.”

I am undone.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    November 23, 2008 2:12 pm

    i came across this post quite simply by entering in a google search for “real men love jesus”.. i suppose i was in a state of self pitty, thinking i was bannished to an island of lonliness, where very few were truely seeking the heart of God.. but again i am quite humbled by the fact that, indeed i am not alone… thanks for the wake up call… and for the insightful and inspirational blog… and for reminding me also that He commands the winds and the rain, and that simple and total submission is freedom… God bless you beyond measure… marty

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