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21 Day Turn Off

May 25, 2006

“From the gutters to the pulpits the ‘spirit of prostitution’ has breached our land. She has mocked the Armies of the Lord and has been killing the church with her seductive grasp. The church has been powerless against pornography because statistics show there is just as much pornography in the church as there is in the world and at times even more. Every arena of society has prostitued itslef for the American Dream and sometimes even in the name of the Lord or for religion. Where is our indignation? Where is the Church? Where is the moral outcry? We must charge at this giant with the voice of triumph. “You uncircumsized Philistine how dare you taunt the Armies of the Lord!” Giants fall when the righteous become indignant.”

That’s taken from a flier you can download here. Pure Life Revolution and The Cause USA are calling for a 21 Day Turn Off and Daniel fast starting this Saturday, May 27.

“We are calling for a nation wide 21 Day Turn Off, a 21 day vision fast (media – tv, radio, newspapers, magazines, video games, and surfing the web), and a Daniel fast, no meats and no sweets, targeting the ‘spirit of prostitution,’ the pornographic plague, the tolerance of immorality, for reformation, revolution and the ‘greatest awakening’ for America. This is a time of prayer and repentance on behalf of ourselves, the Church and our nation.”

JUMP ON BOARD! Is there not a cause? I dare you to remove yourself from the kingdom of Media for three weeks and really press into God. I mean really. Consider that up to now, nothing you’ve ever done has really impressed heaven; nothing you (or I) have ever prayed, sung, or written has caused a collective gasp to go up around the throne as the angels whisper about how radical we are for Christ. For three weeks I dare you to keep the TV off, avoid glossy print, and not log onto MySpace!

I’m debating about whether or not to post for these three weeks. On the one hand I certainly wouldn’t want to lead you into temptation, but on the other, if you bookmark me and Shut Down when you’re done you won’t expose yourself to any media. I’ll pray about it and let you know tomorrow.

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” (Matthew 11:12)

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